We proudly present you the experienceCloud - a platform that takes you on a mesmerizing journey of discovery through the possibilities of 3D and XR marketing tech. Embrace the new world, it exists where you are and not in any building or certain place. Thigh into real world experience – across all channels, across all experiences. Engagement is not only across an event or a venue, but everywhere. Location and time don't matter on the experienceCloud - anyone, at any time, everywhere could become a digital producer.

General information

Welcome to the rooom experienceCloud. On our platform you will find all relevant features for an immersive and interactive experience.


How do I get access to the platform?

Log in using the Check-In button in the upper right corner. You will receive the initial login access as a link by mail. Afterwards you can log in at any time via this link or with your e-mail address and password.


Which technical requirements are necessary for a visit?

We recommend visiting our platform with a desktop device. You will need an up-to-date browser (our platform works best using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and a stable internet connection. You can also visit with notebooks or mobile devices without any problems.


The live program

Meet our management in a special XR keynote and enjoy an inside look at the innovative hyper-growth tech company rooom, its visions and the latest innovations.


How can I watch the program?

  • On your lower right you can jump directly to the live stage where a special XR keynote and a Q&A session are awaiting you.
  • On your left, you can find a tool bar where you can also enter the agenda.

How can I participate in the Q&A?

We invite you to interact with our speakers in a call. Simply raise your hand. The moderator will then call on you to ask your question.


The virtual venue

You are entering a unique 3D venue. Join us on our way to discover a new era of digital experiences!


What can I find in the virtual space?

The virtual world is clustered into different areas representing our different solutions. In every cluster, you will find information like videos, web pages or even 3D objects. If you click on them, a microsite will open and grant you access to this information.

  • At the info bar, you can get access to the press kit and directly jump to the agenda. You can also rewatch the tutorial and visit the rooom website.
  • The spaceCloud is all about virtual spaces, showrooms and real estate solutions.
  • The immerseCloud takes you on a journey to our AR solutions.
  • In the productCloud, you will find impressive 3D product visualizations.
  • The eventCloud features an event platform for virtual and hybrid events of all kinds.
  • Finally, there is the experienceCloud, which is uniting them all. At the experienceCloud stage you can find general information about our company.
  • In the left tool bar, you can find our press kit. There we are providing a lot of information material for you to download. Feel free to use for you publications.


How do I move in the virtual space?


Controls with desktop devices & laptops


Look around

Hold down the left mouse button and drag the cursor into the preferred direction of view to change the perspective and look around.



There are different ways for moving around:

  • Double-click on any point on the ground to move directly to that spot.
  • Hold down the right mouse button to move into the desired direction.
  • Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate.
  • Gamers can also use the W/A/S/D keys.
  • If there are navigation spots in the space, you can simply click on them and go directly to the spot.



Whenever your cursor turns into a hand over an element, an interaction is possible. This way, you can discover exciting content and get more information with one click.


Controls with mobile devices


Look around

Use two fingers to pan the view on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone.


To navigate with the touchpad, use one finger, hold it down, and move it to walk.



Interactions are made by simply tapping on the objects.



How do I use the VR feature?

You can explore the digital venue in Virtual Reality (Beta) if you have a VR headset available. Please send us an e-mail to vr@rooom.com to get access to the VR application. Click on the button ENTER PRESS CONFERENCE to enter the experience world.

Look around

Turn your head to look around.



Use your joystick to move around.

Please note that the interactive content is accessible via web browser only.


How do I use the AR feature?

In the productCloud area, you can find different 3D objects to get a demo of our AR feature. Augmented Reality allows real and virtual worlds to merge. In this way, you can combine virtual objects seamlessly with your real environment.

1.        Click on the object with a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to see the 3D model.

2.       All you have to do then is to tap on the AR button in the bottom right corner and allow access to your device's camera.

3.       Now focus the camera on a plane background, for example the floor, to place the object.

4.       By dragging and dropping the object with one finger you can move it as you like. Use two fingers to zoom in and out.

Alternatively, you can open the 3D Product Viewer on your desktop and click on the AR button. Now you will see a QR code that you can scan with a mobile device to get the AR projection. Depending on your device, you can either scan the QR code with a scanning app or directly with your camera. Then repeat steps 3 and 4.